Setting the Architecture for Cocos2d Version 2 apps

coco2d prog guide device compatible sugartin 2

Yesterday, I tried to upload an application/game to apple-store which was developed using Cocos2d-v2. As we already know about cocos2d version 2, that it no longer supports iPhone3g & older devices now. So, if you try to upload an application/game developed using cocos2d version 2. You have to ensure following thing according to my knowledge. […]

Detecting Touches in Cocos2D

Detect Touch

This post will help you to enable touches detection & handling. Step 1) Go to layer & open implementation file. Step 2) set isTouchesEnabled to YES in your layer’s init method. Example. -(id) init { if( (self=[super initWithColor:ccc4(255, 255, 255, 255)])) { self.isTouchEnabled=YES; // this line is important spritePlayer = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@”Player.png”]; [spritePlayer setPosition:ccp(spritePlayer.contentSize.width/2,WINSIZE.height/2)]; [self […]