Detecting Touches in Cocos2D

Detect Touch

This post will help you to enable touches detection & handling. Step 1) Go to layer & open implementation file. Step 2) set isTouchesEnabled to YES in your layer’s init method. Example. -(id) init { if( (self=[super initWithColor:ccc4(255, 255, 255, 255)])) { self.isTouchEnabled=YES; // this line is important spritePlayer = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@”Player.png”]; [spritePlayer setPosition:ccp(spritePlayer.contentSize.width/2,WINSIZE.height/2)]; [self […]

Introduction to Cocos2D for iPhone/iPad

Understanding cocos2d basics - 1

Hello ! All, This would be my first post for Cocos2D game development. Using this post, I am going to describe following things. Downloading Cocos2D framework Installing project templates for Cocos2D Understanding HelloWorld Application of Cocos2D Downloading Cocos2D framework To download Cocos2D framework click here. Installing Project Template. Extract the downloaded Cocos2D framework. Open the […]