Wanted! Duel – Free iPhone & iPad Game

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Download the Game from HERE Sanco Vanila & Hose Cokito are facing each other and waiting for you to help them find out who will be the greatest cowboy… Wanted! Duel is a 2 player funny and addictive quick fire duel game. Sanco Vanila & Hose Cokito are two great characters of « A.D.Mlekara » […]

Setting the Architecture for Cocos2d Version 2 apps

coco2d prog guide device compatible sugartin 2

Yesterday, I tried to upload an application/game to apple-store which was developed using Cocos2d-v2. As we already know about cocos2d version 2, that it no longer supports iPhone3g & older devices now. So, if you try to upload an application/game developed using cocos2d version 2. You have to ensure following thing according to my knowledge. […]