Setting the Architecture for Cocos2d Version 2 apps

Yesterday, I tried to upload an application/game to apple-store which was developed using Cocos2d-v2.

As we already know about cocos2d version 2, that it no longer supports iPhone3g & older devices now.

coco2d prog guide device compatible sugartin

So, if you try to upload an application/game developed using cocos2d version 2.

You have to ensure following thing according to my knowledge.

Open your Cocos2d Project.

Go to Info.plist ( most probably under Resources Group/folder )

Edit & go to – ‘Required device capabilities’

By default, there are two items. ‘accelerometer’ & ‘opengles-2’

Add one more item, ‘armv7’ & set the property type to ‘Boolean’ & set value to yes.

coco2d prog guide device compatible sugartin 2

By applying above settings, we indicates that, our game/application binary only supports iPhone3Gs onwards devices family.

Hope this is also going to help you as well.

Please let me know your comments on it.


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