Cocos2d Version 2 is out for iPad, iPad HD, iPhone & iPhone HD display

Cocos2d Angry


Finally, cocos2d version2 is out.

cocos2d v2.0 migration guide

IMPORTANT: This guide is a WIP. It will be updated with every new cocos2d v2.0 release.

This guide ONLY shows how to migrate your cocos2d v1.0 game to cocos2d v2.0-beta2.

  • It DOES NOT explain how to migrate from v2.0-alpha to v2.0-beta2.
  • It DOES NOT explain new features.


cocos2d v2.0:

  • contains some API changes
  • contains some new features
  • iOS: Supports OpenGL ES 2.0. OpenGL ES 1.1 is no longer supported
  • iOS: Only works on iOS >= 4.0
  • Mac: Only works on OS X >= 10.6
  • LLVM is the only supported compiler

Supported Devices

Only OpenGL ES 2.0 devices are supported:

  • iPhone and iPhone 3G are NO LONGER supported.
  • iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3 and iPod Touch 4 ARE supported

Xcode / Compiler


  • Xcode 3.x is NO LONGER supported. Use Xcode 4 or newer
  • gcc / llmv-gcc are NO LONGER supported. Use LLVM 3.0 or newer

Operating System

blocks are used internally, so:

  • iOS 3.x and Mac OS X 10.5 are NO LONGER supported
  • Only iOS 4.0 / Mac OS X 10.6 and newer are supported

Source of this post & complete guide from here.

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