Wanted! Duel – Free iPhone & iPad Game

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Download the Game from HERE Sanco Vanila & Hose Cokito are facing each other and waiting for you to help them find out who will be the greatest cowboy… Wanted! Duel is a 2 player funny and addictive quick fire duel game. Sanco Vanila & Hose Cokito are two great characters of « A.D.Mlekara » […]

Playing an gif kind of animation in cocos2d for iPhone/iPad/iOS

Using this post, I will describe the answer of following question. ‘How to play simple gif animation in iphone/ipad using cocos-2d?’ Here is the animation that we are going to use in our sample project. This can help to the beginners for game-development. I won’t write too much. I will directly describe to the point […]

Setting the Architecture for Cocos2d Version 2 apps

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Yesterday, I tried to upload an application/game to apple-store which was developed using Cocos2d-v2. As we already know about cocos2d version 2, that it no longer supports iPhone3g & older devices now. So, if you try to upload an application/game developed using cocos2d version 2. You have to ensure following thing according to my knowledge. […]

Cocos2d Version 2 is out for iPad, iPad HD, iPhone & iPhone HD display


  Finally, cocos2d version2 is out. cocos2d v2.0 migration guide IMPORTANT: This guide is a WIP. It will be updated with every new cocos2d v2.0 release. This guide ONLY shows how to migrate your cocos2d v1.0 game to cocos2d v2.0-beta2. It DOES NOT explain how to migrate from v2.0-alpha to v2.0-beta2. It DOES NOT explain […]

Draw lines & shapes using ccDrawLine & glColor4f

Draw Shapes in Cocos2d

Using this tutorial, I will describe “How to draw lines & shapes in Cocos2d?”. First of all, Let’s have an look what we are going to have as an output. Here, we have to determine the 5 points to create a star. A point at left center ( x = 0, y = WindowSize.height/2 ) […]

Basic Tutorial – Flying Planes


Hello All ! I am glad to tell you that this post will add some basic actions & sound effects. Just follow the steps to have output as shown in video. Step 1) Create a new project using Cocos2D Project Template. Step 2) Open HelloWorldLayer.m file & replace with following code. +(CCScene *) scene { […]

Detecting Touches in Cocos2D

Detect Touch

This post will help you to enable touches detection & handling. Step 1) Go to layer & open implementation file. Step 2) set isTouchesEnabled to YES in your layer’s init method. Example. -(id) init { if( (self=[super initWithColor:ccc4(255, 255, 255, 255)])) { self.isTouchEnabled=YES; // this line is important spritePlayer = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@"Player.png"]; [spritePlayer setPosition:ccp(spritePlayer.contentSize.width/2,WINSIZE.height/2)]; [self […]

Learning basic actions

Basic Actions

Using this tutorial, I am going to describe following points. Scheduling Scheduling a method Unscheduling a method Actions CCMoveTo CCMoveBy Reversing an action Creating a sequence of actions using CCSequence First place following code in your HelloWorldLayer.m file (Also, replace init method) // on “init” you need to initialize your instance -(id) init { if( […]

Introduction to Cocos2D for iPhone/iPad

Understanding cocos2d basics - 1

Hello ! All, This would be my first post for Cocos2D game development. Using this post, I am going to describe following things. Downloading Cocos2D framework Installing project templates for Cocos2D Understanding HelloWorld Application of Cocos2D Downloading Cocos2D framework To download Cocos2D framework click here. Installing Project Template. Extract the downloaded Cocos2D framework. Open the […]